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This is it. The final battle between UCF and USF. Rescue your people and bring home glory here in the War on I4.

War on I4 is the union between the classic snake game (and its derivatives like Slither.io) and capture the flag. You and a fellow competitor must cross over to each other's territory, collect your people, and bring them home to where they belong without your competitor breaking your chain. The player who brings the most of their own home wins!


This little game was made over the course of 48 hours during the UCF vs USF Game Jam hosted by UCF's  Game Dev Knights and USF's Game Dev Club. Our team consisted of:

Other Credits:


Art Assets:

Music & Audio:

Install instructions

Download, Unzip, and play the .exe!


Windows.zip 29 MB
Linux.zip 34 MB
Mac.zip 33 MB


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It's fairly well-made and funny game! It's actually unusual that the humour comes from how the characters move, sound effects and other mechanics of the game itself, instead of writing. Should be fun for brief games with a friend.

Our Game Development World Championship has a class for jam games and I think this could do pretty well!